Our Community:

*We offer FREE DELIVERY of medication to your home or office

Bring in your mail order receipts and we will work with you to match your mail order prices  (restrictions apply)

                                     SHOP LOCAL!

When consumers patronize local small businesses, they are essentially giving money back to their local community. A thriving local business will generate high levels of revenue, which means that the business will pay higher taxes, including local taxes. This money is then used for local police and fire departments, libraries as well as schools.

          Make a difference in our community!                    Spread the Word – Shop Local!                        Make a decision to find and patronize a locally owned business, wherever possible. For every $100 you spend in independently-owned stores, $68 comes back to our community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If that same $100 is spent in a national chain, only $43 returns to our community. If it is spent online nothing comes back to Illinois.


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